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No, this is why women survive longer than men.

this hurt to look at

actually it’s true. in sociology we learn about the fact that men participate in more risky behavior to prove masculinity and this is a way the patriarchy hurts men and pat of the reason the life expectancy is longer for women

All men troll each other… That is why they participate in these stupid events of masculinity. Their too hooked on pride to be smart and think things completely through. Usually women don’t live as long as you think either, because allot of them are raped and killed by men and their masculinity before they reach a ripe old age or in china they were left out on the streets, or just out right neglected to death as babies. If a man dared a man to jump off a cliff with a bunjie cord, he’d more likely do it, for a matter of pride. If a woman told a man to go shopping for certain things like cloths, or to simply pick her up a package of tampons he’d less likely do it, for another matter of pride. Men usually pave their own way with the thoughts of dancing sugar pussies in their mind, with their dicks as the leader. Where as Women actually use their Brains to debate upon what is safe or what is not, because they are uncomfortable with being a female in a mans world, due to the fact that throughout history they have been mocked, beaten, raped, dishonored, misled, mistreated, disowned, and now even as children riffured to as female dogs in heat now, otherwise known as (BITCH). In all honesty Not that I hate all men or anything, but You could at least show some discrepencey and prove to us women that you are in fact evolved, and not still just damn bloody apes. Thank you. exhibit -A.

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Just a few shining example from the new Lay’s Do Us a Flavor chip contest…

Basically nobody is taking this contest seriously.

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Unknown source

I think the source is probably a dark corner of hell, really


Unknown source

I think the source is probably a dark corner of hell, really


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You shud come visit!~ I&#8217;ll make Pizza, and we can watch movies!

You shud come visit!~ I’ll make Pizza, and we can watch movies!

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